DNS Hosting

What is DNS Hosting?

DNS Hosting that manages your domain’s A, MX, CNAME records and more. Supports 10 domain names with add-on option available. Domain Name Service (DNS) is a vital part of the internet. It helps translate unfriendly IP address from numbers into friendly readable words for the world wide web. As more business applications are making itself available online for easy accessibility and integration, DNS has become a mission critical service. Unfortunately, as it is a background service, it’s reliability and resilience is not commonly discussed. At ReadySpace, our technical team had placed together a highly available DNS service made available in United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore – fully managed so that you don’t have to. On top of this, the propagation time is greatly reduced as DNS record updates are done near to the backbone of the Internet.


Built on the widely-used Linux open source platform, our DNS servers allows for great ease of use and flexibility. With servers available throughout United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong, there isn’t a need to worry about its uptime at all.

If you have a new domain name or sub-domain to add, simply setup an account with us then configure them easily. All can be done within minutes. Best of all, the propagation time is greatly reduced due to the proximity between other global DNS servers.


Maximum Uptime

No more web application downtime because of DNS failures.

Fast Propagation

Fast updates of any DNS records improving productivity.

DNS Security

Total security resilience and reliability. Fully protected with industry standard protocols.

Multiple Geo locations

Servers in United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Close proximity to the Internet backbone.

Starting from just A$10.00/mth

Setup your fast, reliable and secure DNS server for your Web Application today.
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